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Our Past

Founded in Summer 2022

Having first emerged as a student club (Gator Impact Ventures), our initial mission was to simply educate an exclusive collective of student members on content specific to venture capital. We also partnered with solely Gainesville-based companies.​

Our Present

New Name, New Mission

As of Fall 2023, we have officially rebranded as Warrington Ventures Inc.

Having learned and grown from past experiences, we knew that our organization and its mission needed to evolve as we did. We are expanding our curriculum so as to reach all corners of the private markets: venture capital, growth equity, and private equity. Additionally, we are opening our lectures and speaker events to the public, addressing all industry knowledge-seekers whose interests in private capital range from peaking curiosity to burning passion. Also, the ink has recently dried on two uniquely fruitful partnerships: satellite-imaging company Satlantis and the Center for Innovation and Economic Development at Santa Fe College.

Our Future

VCIC, Coffee Chats, Capstones

While continuing to introduce an in-depth private capital curriculum to the student body, Warrington Ventures has a number of riveting developments on the horizon…

  1. We will be hosting semifinals for VCIC.​

  2. We will be conducting “Coffee Chats,” coffee-fueled fireside chats with tenured investors and operators.

  3. We will be conducting several intensive capstone projects with our institutional partners.

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