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Our Committees

Student applicants have the choice of enlisting in one of our four committees led by an executive officer.


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Deal Sourcing

The Deal Sourcing committee will provide a practical learning experience for those interested in a career in venture capital and the buy-side. This committee is particularly suited for students who prefer to focus on honing their skills in private capital research without the need for front-facing interactions with startups. Analysts in this committee will have the opportunity to conduct deal sourcing in conjunction with real-world investment criteria and feedback from Florida's most active $100M VC, Florida Funders. Students will be able to qualitatively and quantitatively value early-stage companies and will develop technical skills in navigating private company databases such as Crunchbase and Pitchbook. 


The Competition Committee is tasked with consolidating startups and VCs in preparation for UF's hosting of 6 Schools for VCIC in February. This committee is also responsible for orchestrating internal case competitions, aiming to prepare and select a distinguished team to represent UF. Additionally, the committee will engage extensively with VCs and startups, fostering enduring partnerships and facilitating guest speaker sessions, workshops, and a consistent project flow. Ideal candidates for this committee should possess advanced networking and presentation capabilities, organizational skills, and an aspiration to compete to deepen their understanding of sophisticated VC topics.


The Marketing Committee is responsible for managing all activities related to brand development, general advertising, promotional analytics, social media management, surveys, event publicity, public relations, and recruitment related to project work needs. Committee members will be tasked with participating in and initiating various marketing-related projects, with commitments ranging from providing weekly deliverables to contributing to semester-long campaigns. Members are expected to demonstrate creativity and dedication in executing their responsibilities for WV, along with being flexible in terms of their availability.


The Advisory Committee of organizes, facilitates, and conducts all project work undertaken on behalf of startups partnered with UF Innovate and Warrington Ventures. Examples of these projects include generating market research reports, providing competitive analyses, and realizing financial projections as they apply to startups in different sectors: biotech, e-commerce, renewables, AI, software development, etc. Based on workflow supply, analysts will be assigned to a project team under the discretion and leadership of the Advisory Head and the Board. Analysts in this committee are expected to have confidence in their ability to research and present, as well as flexibility in their commitment to consistently contribute to these projects.

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