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Venture Capital Investment Competition

*Left to Right: Dairon A. Sanchez, Vinay Krishnadas, Grant A. Blackburn, Antonio M. Tabaro, Karl P. Petzold-Bradley

What About It?

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VCIC is the largest venture capital competition in the world, with over 120 university teams competing. For one day, students act as VCs and startups enter an accelerator for their fundraising endeavors.


In February 2023, five members of Warrington Ventures journeyed to the University of Connecticut to compete against five other academic teams in the East Regional Semifinals of VCIC, capturing third place. This being the first time the University of Florida was represented in the competition, it was a momentous occasion.

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Announcements - 2024


We're Competing

February 10: Warrington Ventures is sending six individuals to represent UF at American University in the Mid Atlantic Seimifinal.

We're Hosting

February 24: Investors, venture lawyers, and entrepreneurs will be coming to The Swamp from all along the East coast to compete in the East Regional Semifinals.

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